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Johny W. Alves

Full Stack Engineer and Developer

Full stack web developer with +15 years of experience and data science student, passionate about learning and delivering solutions that automate processes and deliver metrics

Highlights Posts

Some chooose posts from blog

Happiness Radar

Uma análise de dados do que influência na facilidade geral de uma nação

Http Server para arquivos estáticos (Python e JavaScript)

Compartilhar arquivos ou testar um site rápido

Previsão de Sobreviventes do Titanic

Visualização de dados e machine learning com o desafio do Kaggle do Titanic

Projects & developments

Some projects and experiments developed by me

Daisy Bell

Web (HTML5/CSS3) and React

Map navigation

Frontend (HTML5/CSS3/JS) and Jekyll

Steam library

Frontend (HTML5/CSS3/JS)


My ability to communicate, written or speak, in diferents languages


Brazilian PortugueseBrazilian Portuguese

Hard Skills

Things that I believe possess the capacity to be productive and I like to work


C# (0%)
HTML e CSS (0%)
Java (0%)
JavaScript (0%)
Python (0%)
TypeScript (0%)

Frameworks e Libraries

Angular (0%)
Bootstrap (0%)
D3 (0%)
Express (0%)
Flask (0%)
Ionic (0%)
Gatsby (0%)
Jekyll (0%)
NextJS (0%)
Node (0%)
PicassoJS (0%)
React (0%)
React Native (0%)
Redux (0%)
Sprint Boot (0%)
SQLAlchemy (0%)
Wordpress (0%)

Data Manipulation

Cassandra (0%)
SQL Server (0%)
MySQL (0%)
Pentaho (0%)
PostgreSQL (0%)
Python (0%)
Oracle PL/SQL (0%)
Qlik Sense (0%)
R (0%)


BPM (0%)
Docker (0%)
Firebase (0%)
Git (0%)
Google Cloud (0%)
Scrum (0%)
SVN (0%)
Jenkins (0%)
VS Code (0%)

Soft Skills

Some of the my interpersonal skills




Provision for Learning


My history in education and work experience


I'm on social media


If you prefer a more traditional way, send me an email