Use Python

Introductory course in Python covering development environment configuration, process automation, data manipulation, analysis and visualization

Top projects

  • Machado Alves

    Collection of short stories by various writers, written for the platform or public domain, to read and share

  • Devflix

    Platform for sharing knowledge about software development in Brazilian language

  • Bom dia, equipes dev!

    A creative way to greet your fellow developers every morning

Boilerplate to React, Next.js and TypeScript

Boilerplate with React, Next.js, Typescript, Storybook and Styled Components to get started fast and with minimal configuration

Others projects

  • Daisy Bell

    Project template for sharing images with text in context

  • CSS Animatic

    CSS Animation easy, how should be: tool to help create aminations purely with CSS

  • Johny W. Alves

    This pretty page, a small portfolio and area to experiment and share experiences

  • Register Switch

    Time spent executing tasks in a simple way to enable and disable

  • Characters and Comics Creator

    Tool for generating and viewing SVG strips

  • Fire Make Better

    Project developed for study in Angular, to organize some recipes, currently researching in Spoonacular

  • Navegação de mapa

    Map visualization design with points of interest

  • Biblioteca Steam

    Steam game library view

  • Profile

    Business card in

  • Card Game in React

    Developing a game like Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone and Yu-Gi-Oh! from concept to delivery with React

  • Numbers in Words

    Random numbers and conversion to works

  • Birthday invitation

    Invitation to party held in 2023

One page projects


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