Web Links

Alguns links de artigos ou bibliotecas para estudo ou referências

Fontes de informações

Overreacted Personal blog by Dan Abramov
Alligator Front-End Web Development
Illustrated.dev Illustrated explanations of web development, technology & a little bit of anthropology
Willian Justen Personal blog by Willian Justen


Alguns links de coisas interessantes para futuro estudo e implementação

Web Developer

10 repositórios que todo desenvolvedor web deveria conhecer


A Modern CSS Reset

Vanilla JavaScript

JavaScript Web without frameworks


13 useful JavaScript array tips and tricks you should know
The secret power of JSON stringify
Tips to write better Conditionals in JavaScript
Vanilla JavaScript and HTML - No frameworks. No libraries. No problem.
Intro to Regex for Web Developers

Alternatives to React

Svelte is a precompiler that compiles down into vanilla JS
Reef a lightweight library for creating reactive, state-based components and UI
PreactJS features the same API as React in just 3kb of code is 4.5kb
hyperHTML is 4.5kb


MarkdoWn Editor for React


Some possible mistakes in Gatsby


Postgres Is Underrated—It Handles More than You Think